Brand New Beginnings

Many situations in life – graduation, starting a new job, moving out on your own – are brand-new beginnings, a fresh start, a chance to try again or to try something completely new.

These aren’t the only fresh starts you’ll experience in life, however. God offers you a “beginning-again” ceremony every time you need a second chance. Whenever you blow it, make a poor choice, or even all-out rebel, God says, “Let’s begin again.” You don’t have to don a mortarboard, go to a job interview, or sign a new lease. All God asks is that you come to Him in honest repentance and ask His forgiveness. From that moment, the past truly is history. All is forgiven and your fresh start is ready to commence.

God, no matter how many new beginnings I have in my life, Your forgiveness and grace are more than I could ever need. Help me to come to You every time I need to begin again; I know You will always be there waiting. Amen.