Daily Thought

It takes courage to go where God leads. He’ll often take you right to the doorstep of your greatest fears, put you face-to-face with someone you can’t stand to be around, or bring a situation into your life that seems impossible to work out. Don’t panic. Those are the times when you can really see God’s power in action.

You were never created to handle tough times alone. Consider David. The only reason he could conquer a giant was because God was with him. You have the same advantage. God is fighting every battle with you, never against you. So take courage. Stand up to the giants in your life. With God’s help, victory is at hand.

Heavenly Father, many situations in life seem to be difficult to handle, but I know that because You are with me, I can have the courage to face anything that comes my way. I commit to stand up to the giants in my life with Your gracious help. Amen.